Book Chats for Everyone.
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Book Chats for Everyone.

Welcome Everyone To Our New Site.

On Uploading Our First Few Book Chats

Goodbye my Book Chat. To other eyes
with equal mind, I now address you.
Since in Fortune's lap it lies
Either to forgive, or to bless you.

It has been hard to phrase you right
If, for those for whom you were intended
cannot read your page aright,
You must therefore not feel offended.

The point is: Was your purpose good?
Was your meaning plain to comprehension?
Have you successfully withstood
All tedium, prattle, errors, and pretension?

Have you contrived no verbal haze
To hide your poverty of matter?
Have you, unjustly, failed to praise
Or have you feebly, stooped to flatter?

You won't be free from fault I know.
None would believe me if I said it.
But still, you did your best, and so,
That should be counted to your credit.

With Homage to Austin Dobson (1840 – 1921).

We wonder how many of our readers recall Paul Minet (Paul Piers Brissault Minet. 1937-2012)..? Above centre.
A remarkable role model. My rather slight association arose from taking an annual subscription in 1982 to ABMR (Antique Book Monthly Review), this as tyro book buyer for the then Gloucester Road Bookshop. I had just started by first series of postal book catalogues, and he was nothing but encouraging. As founder and editor of ABMR, he contributed a regular feature article under the heading “Book Chat”, the nemesis of our modest efforts here. What was so unusual, was a preparedness to go into the nuts and bolts of both book dealing, and the actual running of an antiquarian bookshop, finances and all. As he pithily observed in “Bookdealing for Profit” (Richard Joseph. 2000), one was best helped by: Freehold premises, a separate income, and family support. This was heady stuff in the 1980’s…well before the advent of Internet Searches, as all book knowledge was carried in the head, and the Book Runner was a career.

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