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"Ye Sette of Odd Volumes".
We have just been reading an 1817 edition of D. E. Macdonnel's:
A Dictionary of Quotations in most Frequent Use" (taken chiefly from the Latin and French but comprising many from the Greek, Spanish & Italian languages; Translated into English).
The Title Page bears the delightful quotation from 
Moth, in Shakespeare's “Love Labours Lost”
He has been at a great feast of languages, and stolen all the scraps!”. What a feast indeed!
Under the initial letters heading DO -DU (the leaves are unpaginated), I came across the following gem....
Dulce est desipere in loco”.
How that rang a bell....!
Macdonnel renders this epigram from Horace rather stiffly as:
It is pleasant to play the fool in a proper place”.
However, it was immortalised by 
Bernard Quaritch on the 4th of April 1878, when he founded “Ye Sette of Odd Volumes” at St. John's Gate, Clerkenwell, and took the phrase as his masthead, with the more relaxed version.....
“Delightful, is it, to play the fool when we're out of School”.

We are lucky to have a huge archive collection of these little Volumes (see below).

This is an entitrely unique collection of 180 issues, or volumes, of Ye Sette "Booklets" deriving from the original reserve stock held by the then publishers (Quaritch). When purchased by us around 1980, from a source in California, we were given to understand it was originally acquired by them from Quaritch, in a basement clearout. It now resides as an unseparated collection, possibly of use to researchers interested in Opuscula and Ye Sette, Ye Sette was founded in 1878 by Bernard Quaritch (q.v.), but the Booklets only commenced being produced for members in 1890. [Note: these are not the single topic Opuscula]. The collection we are offering starts with Volume 1 for 1890 (22 copies. See Image 1), to Volume LV1 for October 1930 (1 copy). By 1890 there were nineteen "Opuscula" (or Odd Volumes) on various topics and twenty "Miscellanies". These are all listed and detailed in these Booklets, together with the Society's Rules, various Songs, Poems, some Members, and past and current Officers etc, etc. The collection runs as follows, arranged by year, then the number of copies in brackets: 1890 (22)., 1891 (3)., 1892 (1)., 1893 (6)., 1894 (8)., 1895 (3)., 1897 (6)., 1898 (2)., 1900 (1)., 1900 (2)., 1901 (2)., 1902 (5)., 1903 (3)., 1904 (2)., 1905 (2)., 1906 (1)., 1907 (12)., 1908 (10)., 1909 (10)., 1911 (3)., 1911 (8)., 1912 (5)., 1913 (2)., 1913 (10)., 1914 (2)., 1919 (5)., 1919 (15)., 1920 (7)., 1921 (3)., 1922 (6)., 1924 (3)., 1924 (5)., 1925 (1)., 1927 (2)., 1930 (1). It's worth noting that in some years such as 1900, there were two separate publications. The copy for 1898 (one of two) bears the ownership bookplate of Sir William Crookes D.Sc., F.R.S "Ubi Crux Ibi Lux" (see central Image above). More information on request with pleasure. [Sir William Crookes OM PRS, 1832 - 1919, was a British chemist and physicist who attended the Royal College of Chemistry in London, and worked on spectroscopy. He was a pioneer of vacuum tubes, inventing the "Crookes Tube" which was made in 1875. Wiki]. Each typically 16 to 30 pages on heavy art paper 12 x 18 cms, silk ties. All complete, but some with fragile and chipped covers. An interesting research project on the early history of the Society. Weight 10 kg with packing. Overseas interest, please contact us for shipping quote to your instructions. More information on request, with pleasure. Thank You.
Our Catalogue Inventory: # 006674

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